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The Cockpit

Verizon IndyCar Series Cockpit

* All button positions are customized to suit driver's preferences

1. ANTI-ROLL BARS ADJUSTER: Allows driver to fine-tune the handling of the car by engaging mechanical linkages connected to the front or rear suspension.

2. DASH: Displays warning lights and information the driver needs during the race. That information includes lap times, oil, water and gearbox temperatures and fuel mileage.

3. RPM SHIFT LIGHTS: LED lights that go from green to yellow to red and indicate engine RPM. When the red lights are on, the driver shifts gears.

4. PIT LANE SPEED LIMITER: Used entering pit lane by the driver to activate the engine control program limiting the car’s speed to the pit lane speed limit, which is usually 60 MPH.

5. PUSH-TO-TALK: Activates the microphone in the driver’s helmet so he/she can communicate over the radio.

6. RESET: Used during the race. During a pit stop, the driver pushes this button to reset the fuel reading on the display.

7. FUEL MAP SWITCH: Allows the driver to adjust the fuel mapping of the engine to increase fuel mileage or to increase power. There are a number of settings available, including full rich in which the engine produces maximum power but uses more fuel. There is also a lean setting that uses less fuel but produces less power. During caution periods, the drivers will switch to the leanest mixture to increase fuel economy.

8a and 8b, DASH SCROLL: Allows driver to scroll between the screens of information. There are different pages available on the dash, including the race page, qualifying page and practice page.

9a and 9b, WEIGHT JACKER: Adjusts the cross weight on the car from left to right, or right to left, depending on the button pushed. The weight jacker allows the driver to make fine-tuning adjustments as the car begins to handle differently during the race because of fuel load.

10 . DRINK: Pushing button activates a pump connected to a bottle on the car that pumps liquid of driver’s choice through a hose installed in the driver’s helmet.

11 . PUSH-TO-PASS: Pushing button activates system that delivers increased power through turbo boost for pre-determined period during race.