Fan Info - INDYCAR 101 - Rulebook - Chapter 12: Championship and Awards

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IMPORTANT: The rulebook content below was released to all parties on March 1, 2019, and should be considered UNOFFICIAL. No in-season amendments or bulletins are reflected in the below copy. Please refer to the above PDF link for the updated rulebook.


12.1. Championships and Point Standings

12.1.1. INDYCAR recognizes several different types of championships, including, without limitation, Engine Manufacturer, Entrant and Driver. To facilitate competition for these championships, INDYCAR calculates and publicizes complete rankings of all participating Engine Manufacturers, Entrants and Drivers following the completion of each Race and Indianapolis 500® Mile Race Qualifications. Unless otherwise announced by INDYCAR, all scheduled Qualifications and Races shall offer championship points.

12.1.2. At the end of the Racing Season, the Engine Manufacturer, Entrant and Driver with the highest number of ranking points respectively shall be declared the Champion.

12.2. Significance of the Car Number

12.2.1. Points and awards are credited only to the Engine Manufacturer supplying the Engine, Entrant entered in the Event and to the Driver participating in that Car except as otherwise permitted by INDYCAR. The Car number is listed on the Entry and signifies the Car to be credited. The points and awards accumulate on behalf of the entered Car number, separately from any other Entrant's License that Team may hold.

12.3. Crediting of Points  

12.3.1. INDYCAR has established the following system under which eligible Engine Manufacturers, Entrants and Drivers may accumulate points.

12.3.2. Entrant points will be credited only to an Entrant holding a valid Entrant's License at the time of the Event, competing with a properly entered Car and displaying the assigned Car number throughout any Event.

12.3.3. Driver points will be credited only to Drivers holding a valid Driver License at the time of the Event.

12.3.4. INDYCAR will not credit the point(s) usually earned by the Entrant and Driver starting a Race in the Pole Position if the Starting Lineup is determined in accordance with Rule

12.3.5. If a Car participates in practice and/or Qualifications, but is unable to start a Race, the Driver and/or the Entrant shall receive half of the points the Car would have received for the Race had the Car started the Race (“non-starting Cars”). INDYCAR shall determine whether a Car is deemed to have participated for purposes of this Rule.

12.3.6. Unless otherwise provided by INDYCAR, all Entries shall be eligible for Entrant and Driver points associated with participation in an Event.

12.4. Ties

12.4.1. In any instance of a tie, INDYCAR will determine the ranking based on the following criteria:

  1. The most first place finishes,
  2. The most second place finishes through last place finishes,
  3. The best finishing position in the previous Event, or
  4. Random draw.

12.5. End of Season Awards  

12.5.1. INDYCAR reserves the right to establish end of season awards based upon points.

12.6. Points  

12.6.1. Points may be earned by Entrants, Drivers and Engine Manufacturers based upon participation in Races and Qualifications.

12.6.2. Entrant/Driver Race Points – INDYCAR will award points pursuant to finishing position as follows:

Championship Points Breakdown Double Points – Double race finish points are awarded for the Indianapolis 500® Mile Race and the last Race of the Racing Season.

Championship Double-Points Breakdown

12.6.3. Entrant / Driver Qualifications Points Double-Header Race Events – Points are awarded as follows:

Race 1 – 1 point to the Entrant and Driver with the fastest time in each Qualifications Group.

Race 2 – 1 point to the Entrant and Driver with the fastest time in each Qualifications Group. All Other Events – Except as otherwise provided in Rule, INDYCAR shall award one point to the Entrant and Driver qualifying for the Pole Position.

12.6.4. Indianapolis 500® Mile Qualification Points

Indianapolis 500 Fast-9 Points

12.6.5. Engine Manufacturer Championship Points - Race finish points are awarded on a Race-by-Race basis and may only be scored by the top two (2) finishing Full Season Entrant positions by each assigned Engine Manufacturer, added throughout the Racing Season based upon the following system.

Engine Manufacturer Championship Points Breakdown Additional points available as follows: One (1) point will be awarded for an Engine Manufacturer that qualifies in the Pole Position, with the exception of Indianapolis 500® Mile Race Qualifications. For the Indianapolis 500® Mile Race Qualifications, one (1) point will be awarded to the Engine Manufacturer of the fastest qualifier of Saturday Qualifications and two (2) points will be awarded to the Engine Manufacturer that qualifies in the Pole Position on Sunday Qualifications. The Engine Manufacturer that wins each Race will be awarded five (5) points. An Engine Manufacturer can earn durability points during the Indianapolis 500® Mile Race based upon performance by Entrants that are using such Engine Manufacturer's Engine. As an Engine used in the Indianapolis 5000® Mile Race reaches 2,000 total Engine miles or more, that Entrant’s Engine Manufacturer will receive a one-time bonus points award equal to the Race finish points earned by that Entrant for the Indianapolis 5000® Mile Race. Engine Manufacturers will only be awarded Qualifications and Race win bonus points for Engine Manufacturer-points-eligible Entrants. These points awards are not subject to reordering due to points ineligibility.